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1. Visualizing the shoot: In this process we exchange ideas and concepts back and forth. These dialogues can be done by a face-to-face meeting, email with photos or by phone. This a a vital step: props, locations, clothing, mood, mood boards, etc are all discussed. This also gives me a chance to get to know you and inquire about why you want these images made.

2. Photo Session: In this step we bring the words and ideas to life. It is a fun and exciting time. We talk more, see the set/location, poses and a rundown of the shoot. I will be there to guide you, so you will not be alone. 

3. Editing: Files from the session get sorted down to a strong 25. No studio puts images out without some retouching. The editing consist of cosmetic touch ups only. Under no circumstance do I move your face around, enlarge your eyes etc. The photographs I take are Fine Art and Commercial Projects, I proud myself in capturing who is in front of my lens. (Around 1-3 weeks from shoot day)

4. Ordering: In this step the 25 strong retouched photographs are placed in a online viewing gallery for your viewing ease. Now that the photographs are retouched, what do I do with them. An in person session is also available and can be scheduled when the gallery in done.

5. Retouch: The photographs are retouched, but sometimes some more is requested. After you choose the ones you love, if any other retouches are requested this is the step where they will be done in. Another viewing gallery separate from the first will be made so clients can see the before and after.

6. Printers & Delivery: Once the okay is given from you your files will be sent to the printers. Once they come back and checked for quality purposes, the client will be connected and a delivery will be scheduled. If client has moved or is from out of town clients products will be shipped to their address.


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Join us on Instagram where we share our artistry & adventures on the daily.