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True life is lived when tiny changes occur.


Ann Lang Mun Co (b. 1987, Boston, USA) is a painter, photographer, and sculptor who lives and works in Boston. They work in these media because photography captures what they see and they go home and show people how I felt. Photography has the power the draw viewers in and give you another way of seeing. I paint their abstracts its a way for them to be free and fluid . They are inspired by the visual artist Jingna Zhang, Ansel Adams, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Irving Penn, David LaChapelle because they all had their struggles and yet took to their medium to find what they were looking for. They did what they love to do regardless and many were vocal about their pain, but they persist. Their works speak for themselves. They are also inspired by the writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón because the way he visualizes the scenes in his books, it is like they are walking the footsteps of the characters, it is in such a cinematic way. They are also inspired by they are inspired by nature and travel because it gives them the ability to be free to explore.

The main subject of Co's work is creating something out of nothing which is important to them because you have the ability to draw the viewers attention to what you want them to see. Their art-making process consists of planning out details and inspiration from fellow artist. This is important to understanding their work because they are inspired by their surroundings. The ideal exhibition space for their work is a website because it is the space where their work lives.

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